1.  submit resolution/petition regarding forest royalty discrimination  to Chief Minister(CM) signed by SAFI members, MPAs, MNAs, local councilors, and other relevant persons and civil  society organizations urging CM to implement Provincial Assembly resolution regarding equalizing forest royalty in Malakand Division.
  2.  organize consultative meeting with lawyers to discuss legal aspects of royalty issue in Swat.
  3.  outsource a study to evaluate royalty case- pros and corns (Consultant will submit evaluation report to SAFI)
  4.  Organize media seminar on the royalty issue
  5.  develop and disseminate poster and leaflet on royalty issue
  6.  Identify a lawyer who can take the royalty case without fee.
  7.  organize JFM local meetings
  8.  organize divisional workshop
  9.  organize Provincial JFM roundtable meeting
  10.  strengthen JFM union in Hazara and Malakand
  11. Draft Joint Forest Amendment bill to enhance the role and responsibilities of JFMCs and by making them more effective and participatory; this will be followed by consultations with other civil society members including parliamentarians.
  12.  organize capacity building training on REDD for SAFI provincial council
  13.  organize 4 capacity building workshops (2 in Hazara and 2 in Malakand) on REDD
  14.  organize 4 policy dialogues on REDD
  15.  organize media seminar on REDD
  16.  organize awareness raising activities
  17.  Organize SAFI local meetings
  18.  organize SAFI quarterly meetings
  19.  organize networking meetings
  20.  organize lobbying meetings with Forest department
  21.  increase women membership
  22.  Document SAFI’s Financial and decision making policy
  23.  conduct survey on the role of women in forestry
  24.  Formation of SAFI  women group