Posted on: September 20th, 2014 by sadmin

1. Assisting forest owners/ right holders to increase forest royalty from 60% to 80% and equalize royalty rights in the Malakand Division by using advocacy, mobilization and public interest litigation.
2. Enabling Forest communities to strengthen their role in forest management by seeking amendments to the Forest Ordinance 2002 and the JFM Community Participation Rules 2004 enhancing the role and responsibilities of JFMCs and by making them more effective and participatory.

3. Engaging forest communities to participate in REDD related projects and policies through mobilization, advocacy and dialogue with a view towards protecting their rights. REDD is UN Project with the government providing financial incentives for forest management.

4. Strengthening and revitalizing SAFI as a Peoples Forest organization, increase its membership base, expand in other areas and work towards participation from women by doing a baseline survey in Swat District on women’s role in joint forest management.